Understand your embodied carbon performance.

We help you track, manage, and report on embodied carbon throughout the development process, across your portfolio.

Why it matters

Your emissions are mostly embodied carbon.

Embodied carbon can make up as much as 80-90% of a real estate developer's annual emissions. The majority of these come from extracting and manufacturing building materials, released throughout the construction process.

If you're not measuring your embodied carbon, you're not measuring your carbon.

Real estate developer average annual emissions

Embodied Carbon

Scope 3

58 - 83%

Operational Carbon

Scope 1 + 2

10 - 17%

Other Indirect Emissions

Scope 3

17 - 23%
11020304003002001000Annual emissions (kg/CO₂e/m²/year)Year of building lifeBuilding emissions over timeEmbodied carbonOperational carbon2030RenovationTenant fit-out2050

How it works

Manage your embodied carbon, portfolio-wide.

Measure your impact

Measure embodied carbon across your portfolio and over time to compare projects and set goals.

  • plan and project future emissions
  • get help with takeoffs
Carbon data per portfolio building

Take action immediately

Find opportunities to reduce embodied carbon at all stages to help you meet your goals.

  • product recommendations
  • early-stage carbon planning
Carbon data per portfolio building


Generate instant reports at a portfolio or project level, to meet local and global regulatory standards.

  • alignment with standards
  • audit ready data
Carbon data per portfolio building

Why Tangible

We make it easy.

Managing embodied carbon is costly and time-consuming. Tangible makes it easy to have a handle on your portfolio throughout all phases of development.

Visibility across portfolio

Understand your impact across projects, allowing you to compare projects and make decisions at scale.

Material specific

Measurement is based on product Environmental Product Declarations, making it easy to specify low carbon, locally sourced products.

Real-time updates

Instantly understand on how your decisions affect your results, without waiting two weeks for a report.

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