Turn buildings into a climate solution.

The Problem

Why we’re here

Building materials are responsible for approximately 11% of all global greenhouse gas emissions. For context, flights are 2.5% of global emissions.

We started Tangible because there wasn’t a good way for real estate developers and owners to manage and reduce their emissions from building materials at scale.

11% 28% Global greenhouse gases

Embodied carbon

Building materials and construction

Operational carbon

Energy and water use

All other emissions

Why it matters

Embodied carbon is a hidden risk.

Embodied carbon can make up as much as 80-90% of a real estate developer's annual emissions. The majority of these come from extracting and manufacturing building materials, released throughout the construction process.

If you're not measuring your embodied carbon, you're not measuring your carbon.

The Solution

The good news

Across material categories, there are better products available in Tangible today.

Business as usual
Lower-carbon product


Optimize concrete mix.

11 - 22% reduction achievable



Select low or no embodied carbon insulation products.

88% reduction achievable



Use high recycled content rebar or select low carbon product.

78% reduction achievable



Select low or no embodied carbon on finishes.

74% reduction achievable



Select low or no embodied carbon glazing products.

42% reduction achievable

Our Team

We’re a team of climate nerds who want to make it easier to not catch the planet on fire.

Anneli Tostar headshot Anneli Tostar

CEO / Co-Founder

Nicole Granath headshot Nicole Granath

COO / Co-Founder

Emily Flynn headshot Emily Flynn

Founding Researcher

Katherine Mello headshot Katherine Mello

Founding Engineer

Simon Mathieu headshot Simon Mathieu

Head of Engineering

Matthew Cherry headshot Matthew Cherry

Chief of Staff

Farah Assir headshot Farah Assir

Head of Design

Colin Young headshot Colin Young

Software Engineer

Mel Bartow headshot Mel Bartow

Commercial Lead

Our Advisors
Baker Shogry headshot Baker Shogry

Product Advisor

Former Head of Product @ Plaid, Ex-Bain, Silver Lake

Dan Schrag headshot Dan Schrag

Scientific Advisor

Director of the Harvard University Center for the Environment

Andrea Jang headshot Andrea Jang

Commercial Real Estate Advisor

Founding member of JLL Spark, Former COO, Ackman-Ziff

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